Founded in July 1993 in Laocheng Economic Development Zone in Hainan Province, Xinlong Holding (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to “Xinlong Group”) completed the construction of China first spunlace nonwovens production line in July 1995 and was listed in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1999. It is the first nonwovens high-tech joint-stock enterprise in China that reaches the advanced international level and its registered capital is currently 538.395 million yuan. For years, based on its development policy of "High Technology, High Starting Point, Large-Scale and Internationalization”, Xinlong Group has been insisting on the innovative business philosophy of “taking the path of scientific development and optimizing the corporate development mode”. By relying on its state-of-the-art production equipments and strong technical forces, Xinlong Group has constantly made innovation and improvement in corporate management, product R&D, equipment upgrading and production and has developed a series of nonwoven products that reach the advanced international level. These products not only have to filled the gaps in the domestic non-woven industry but also have been exported to Europe, North America, India and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, creating a good corporate image for Xinlong Group in the global nonwovens industry and winning a great influence and reputation for the brand of “Xinlong Nonwovens” in the world. Under the leadership of the chairman and president Mr. Guo Kaizhu, Xinlong Group always adheres to the tenet of “science and technology is primary productive force” and has made remarkable achievements in technological innovation. It was recognized as "State Key High-tech Enterprise" by the Ministry of Science and Technology and designated as the..


Xinlong non-woven micro mall

The young representative of Mawang Cotton Queen brand, through the strength of scientific and technological innovation, concentrates on the mother and... DETAILED >>

Medical health

●Sanitary material series ●Industrial cleaning material series ●Filtering material series ●Medical dressing series ●Medical protective material se... DETAILED >>

Spunlaced Nonwovens

●Air filtering material series ●Respiratory protective material series ●Liquid filtering material series ●Oil absorbing material series ●Wipe seri... DETAILED >>

SMMMXS Nonwovens

●Medical care series ●Personal hygiene series ●Healthcare series ●Other product series DETAILED >>

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